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Post Subject: The ultimate what?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/15/2005

 JLH wrote:

  In addition, the idea of an ultimate horn profile does not make any sense. Each and every horn profile has its own strengths and weakness. Depending on your goals, and the drivers you have, one profile will be "better" than the others. However, once you change your goals, or the driver, room, source, etc. a different profile will become the "best". There are no absolutes in Audio, only varying degrees of perfection.
Actually, John.

I did not pitch the “ultimate horn profile” as a competition between the profiles and I rather called this thread like this satirically. The point was the we are considering the advantages of one curve over another but forget that we have the major  “step” between the internal and external curves of drivers with completely unpredictable sonic consequences.

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