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Post Subject: Analog FM on a PCI cards?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/18/2008

OK, no one argue that FM is good BUT the cost and complexity to record doe FM is quite high. It look like that it might not be more simple – to turn your tuner, to turn your A/D, to tune your DAW and to record whatever you wish. Well, l it is surprisingly not so simple in reality and whoever did regular FM recording know what I mean.

In know that there are tons of PCI TV cards and some of them have FM capacity. I was wondering how good they might be? Sure the 2” by 2” like PCI tuner might have difficult time to fight with analog monster tune with LC filtration with 6 IM stages and 6 limiters stages  but did anybody actually tried it?

OK, if the signal is strong and the station if a nice reception environment then pretend a picture. I feed the FM PCI cards card’s form my large directional antenna. The little care read the modulation, decodes it and output right to my local Lynx mixer a 24bit stream.  Would it be absolutely coolest this to have? Sure, we do not know how good the card tuner would be and how good the onboard A/D would be… but it is 21 century, right? In addition take a look how much get removed in this configuration from the signal path? I think it is worth to try, not to mention that those cards cost practically nothing… I think it should be some “old” card that did not have TV on them and were only FM…

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