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Post Subject: Korvet turntable.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/20/2008

I usually do not do those “fetish trips” but here I think it might be educational for Western readers as it is slightly different. I got an email with a like to a clip that you might like.  It is Russian-made turntable Korvet -038, from which I took the featured in this thread tonearm. The person who did the film was in a way Moron as he made a bogus film showing nothing interesting and did not highlighted some idiosyncratic design  decisions, and this turntable had quite a few. Anyhow, whatever the film shows…

It was made in beginning of 70s, it was very very  heavy and it cost a lot of money. If I am not mistaken then it cost 700 rubles – or a ¼ price of a common Russian automobile on those years.

Do not search eBay for it and do not trash your Rockford Turntable yet. Your Rockford does not deserve it as Korvet -038 was not so fantastic performer. It was moving-magnet oriented turntable and had own issues. However, have you seen what west did in beginning of 70s? Anyhow, the Korvet -038 is a good piece of turntable history.

I do not use the Korvet’s tonearm anymore as I find it way underperform with my MM needle.  If someone would like to take Korvet’s tonearm withy Micro mounting board then I would let it go in exchange for conventional SME 3012. Still, it is nice to know that Russkies did Korvet -038-level attempt at those times.

The Cat

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