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Post Subject: Vibrational bassPosted by Vasyachkin on: 11/11/2008
i am a fan of this.

who said that music is supposed to be ONLY about sound ?

until recording was invented musical performance was never ONLY about sound. because there was also something to SEE for example.

although i can still hear 25 hz i have to say that below 35 hz or so it is becoming already more about vibration for me than sound.

without the twenties there is just no sense of "power" to the music.

my system is equalized for such a response that anytime there is content in the twenties i will feel this power even with overall level being only moderate. the downside is it is quite fatigueing - i constantly find myself switching the subwoofer off to let my ears rest.

but certainly in my view if a system can't hit 25 hz with a solid SPL then it is giving something up in the presentation.

i don't believe that sub-bass is only for movies.

certainly if you hold a guitar and pluck a string you can feel the vibration at the fundamental frequency even if what you may be hearing are actually harmonics for the most part.

with my subwoofer you will also feel this vibration during playback of a recording.

i have no interest in bass shakers though. i want to feel the bass with my entire body not just my ass.

unfortunately i don't yet know how to get bass this low without creating a soup of standing waves in the listening room. in fact i would say this is the number one issue in audio. it seriously bothers me.

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