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Post Subject: I juts do not follow youPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/11/2005

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 guy sergeant wrote:
I feel very pleased for you. I was always somewhat puzzled by your descriptions of how you felt the S2 sounded, particularly between 600 and 1200 Hz. My experiences with a few different horns but always with a good quality SE amp were invariably to the contrary.

Hm, I do not think I ever question how the S2 sound between 600 and 1200 Hz. In fact I always told that this is the one of the most magnificent regions of S2 (actually any region is wonderful in there). However I never was able to use the S2’s 600-1200 Hz with the contemporary plastic surround diaphragms. Pretty much the post above all about exactly that.

 guy sergeant wrote:
I would never have used the drivers with something as complicated and nasty as the Lamm electronics and expect to get a good result.

Hm, OK. May I ask you what you find as complicated and nasty in Lamm electronics?

 guy sergeant wrote:
To what extent does the inherent inaccuracy of the Lamm Electronics modify your opinions of your preferred Cartridges and corrector.

“Inherent inaccuracy of the Lamm Electronics” … Hm, I thin you guy did not read my comment correctly. If I commented on the very specific and the very exact negative attribute of a Lamm preamp then how it get converted into the “inherent inaccuracy of the Lamm Electronics”. I would like to learn about it “inaccuracy”. Just because I got of this preamp it does not mean that I or anyone else should trash, and particularly without having reasons to do so.

 guy sergeant wrote:
It may perhaps explain your fondness for the very ordinary, woolly, and warm sounding EAR phono stage not to mention the murky Koetsu cartridge.

Would you please explain what kind rationale you used and how you connected my two posts above with my positive results regarding EAR and Koetsu. I juts am not following you. From a different prospective this is a thread about the Vitavox S2 driver…

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