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Post Subject: Macondo Acoustic System – EvolutionPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/9/2005

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Last week I have written an article: “Upperbass preoccupation and Vitavox S2 driver” where I ran over some my thoughts how the specific sonic virtues of Vitavox S2 driver allow to get an “interesting” upper bass from an upper bass channel, even thought the S2 does not go to upper bass. In that article I said that the Vitavox S2’s 500-1000Hz region is so stunning that I can hardly imagine that a person would hear it once in a proper horn and with adequate amplification and then he would ever consider any other way to reproduce those frequencies. Really, no other driver or methods of reproduction, even in wildest dreams can’t even REMOTELY touch the quality of Sound at the S2’s lowest region(<1000Hz). So, in the article, besides everything, I was bitching that in my playback I was not able to take a full advantage of the S2’s <1000Hz.... However, after reading for a few times I decided do not post the article. Some of the comments I made in there made me to think again. So I did, and while I was thinking I stared to question if is there another way to use the S2, distinctively from how I’ve been using it for a while.

After some thinking I spent an hour to rewire the Macondo and another hour to re-measure everything. Then another 3 hours to search among all my S2 drivers the one that would perform at the new demands (they all quite different) …. In the end I've found an interesting combination when Vitavox S2 was not used as before but very differently; with quite different measurable results. It sounds quite different as well: I can’t say if it is better or worth and there are some objective reasons that prevents me make any assessments at this point. I will elaborate in a couple days on the way in which I’m trying to use the S2 now and how it sounded.

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