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Post Subject: Crossover points four-way vs five-wayPosted by serenechaos on: 10/23/2008

Ok that was a long road to "stick with vertical alignment, and stay away from BMS." 

Back to compression drivers, and implementation... 

If I were in your shoe I would take make as you wish but wish a slight correction:

65Hz Tractrix from ~80Hz to ~800Hz w/ fane 8" ( or better driver)
250Hz LeCleach from ~800Hz to ~10kHz
JBL 2405 ribbon from 10kHz up 

How did / do you go about choosing crossover points, other than by listening and experimenting? 
(e.g. the 800Hz point). 

I'm trying to wrap my head around the above suggestion--
It seems simpler on one hand, to eliminate one driver and horn and crossover at first,
then just add them in later. 
On the other hand, it seems like it would take more to "voice" the system with having to chase crossover points twice.   
Horns just seem by nature to work better narrow band-width, and good sound would seem easier to come by with not forcing the horn to sing out of it's range. 

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