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Post Subject: Searching in wrong places…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/22/2008

 serenechaos wrote:
Bret said the BMS …his web site says he modifies them. I didn't know it then, or know to ask what he did to modify them.  I guess they were even worse? 

It is lie, he does nothing to BMS driver to address what is important. When you be working with you own driver trying to get specific sound out of it you will understand what I mean. Bret treats his subscribers with fairytale about the driver’s modifications but whatever he does with them is irrelevant. He knows that BMS is pathetic crap but they are the only drivers that commercially available be for him to obtain. So, he uses what he can and mask out realty with BS literature about “extrasensory charging the diaphragms” – thank for him his customers are mostly Morons and can’t not recognize difference anyhow.

Interning that he and I had this conversation a few years ago at his site (all deleted now). I was challenging him that he might do nothing important with BMS that might improve sound. Knowing, something about the BMS drivers, knowing their design and using a few of them (few years before Bret embraced them) I was proposing Bret not to divulge what he supposedly modify (it would be OK to keep it as his proprietary know-how) but to name one-two specific sonic flaw of the default BMS drivers that his driver’s modifications have addressed. His response was very predictable – he banned be from his forum. I did not sleep for two month after this and maxed out my anti-depressant prescription…

Unfortunately it is very emblematic for all those people and therefore I have very limited expectations when I talk about Sound with the people who practice audio professionally.

It is like going to a whorehouse and looking for love…

The Cat

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