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Post Subject: BMS mystery solved in link to old postPosted by serenechaos on: 10/22/2008
Yes,I then did understand why you went into Bert and business and connection with sound (it works well as a general example).   
I don't know how you came to that conclusion of Bert fits into this model though. 
I didn't-- after talking to him, he seemed very concerned with Sound, and that was why he kept changing things, what he was doing, etc.  I could be wrong (have been before)... 

About the link and "dark brown"--
Bret said the BMS were an improvement over fostex/lowther/aer drivers. 
--That doesn't mean he's tried anything better than BMS though... 
I am not at all familiar with BMS, this is the first time I've heard them. 
I thought maybe it was from being co-axial, but Tannoys don't have that sound. 
Unless it's from the small driver/horn affecting the larger horn/driver (I think he said they cross @ 7K. 

But from what you said in the link, the mystery is solved-- If BMS is just a PA driver, designed for high volume use, then it makes sense that it wouldn't have the right "emotional content" and that "dark brown" mixed in, obscuring the colors, and the "vignetteing" as you call it (had to look that word up, but it describes it, there was a darkness around the edges, a dark grey-brown fog, that you could try to "blow away" with volume, and not notice, but that was a distraction... 
His web site says he modifies them. I didn't know it then, or know to ask what he did to modify them.  
I guess they were even worse? 

Yes, he still drives them with digital amps. 
That's why my wife kept saying she'd like to hear them with good tube amps. 
I haven't heard a digital amp sound better (than good tube amps) yet either. 
But again, Bert says that digital was an improvement, and that he wouldn't have to keep looking for tubes. 
I wonder if its about convience? (easier to move around)  
Or marketing?  
Or as Deb keeps saying "Maybe he can't hear it.  Most people can't hear the difference, so it doesn't matter." 


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