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Post Subject: Wilson revelations. Everything is for sale. The stupid salePosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/22/2008

A year or so ago (I do not know exactly when it started as I but audio publication irregularly) I have see that Wilson Audio begin to advertise their new loudspeakers as the design inspired by David Wilson’s revelation after he  was sitting at the Vienna’s’ Musikverein rehearsals.  When I saw the ad first time I was laughing but the trend got strong and now that same plot is peeing spin with other Wilson’s speakers.  Furthermore, this week Marc Mickelson of published a review about Alexandria X-2 Series 2 where he said the following:

“I suspect that even then, David Wilson and the engineers at his company were working on ways to improve their very best speaker, a process that came to fruition a while later. As he sat in the Musikverein in Vienna, considered among the best concert halls in the world, Wilson realized that his speakers didn't fully capture the Musikverein's personality: its unique ambient signature, transient liveliness, and harmonic complexity -- all characteristics of the live event. While some speaker designers sit at the drawing board and conceptualize what they would like their speakers to do sonically, David Wilson sat at the Musikverein and heard what he wanted the X-2 to accomplish musically. I don't know about you, but I know which approach I trust.”

Well, all that I can say: that is all bullshit. I do not make any critical comment about Alexandria X-2 Series 2, in fact my protest is not about what David Wilson does but undoubtably Mr. Wilson “has approved this message” and the initial intention to pass own photogenic opportunity at Musikverein Concert Hall as a merchantable article of trade that would sell more loudspeaker derive directly from David. That is sad but at the same time it brings a few questions:

Before being exposed to the “Musikverein revelations” did David Wilson knew how music might sound?  What David Wilson has learned during his revelations? To sit in a concert hall, would it be Musikverein, the Vienna State Opera, the Worcester’s Mechanic Hall, the Konzerthaus or the Amsterdam Concertgebow is not automatically imply an exposure to serious music or to serious Sound.  Over the last 25 years or more each 18 moths Wilson Audio (similar to any other audio manufactures) introduce a new model or alteration of their current model.  Could David Wilson correlate the introduction of Models 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 (zillion revisions) with his specific exposure to some kind of “Musikverein revelations”?

I can go on and on about it (not to mention that not all Wilson Audio’s ”Next Series” were better then previous ones) but what is the point? Isn’t it better to say that 2 years passed, the audio media machine need a new wave of stimulation, a new access to the customer valets is needed…. Have you even seen an industry reviewer write a review about old or even absolute model that still demonstrate exceptional sonic results – never. The industry reviewing is about sale not about Sound and Mr. Wilson play this game well. It is say as who knows: the Alexandria X-2 Series 2 might have eliminated the troubles that I heard in the first Alexandria X-2. The problem is that if I have a chance to hear the Series 2 the very first question I would ask myself: “Do I become a fatality of Wilson’s marketing revelations?”

The Cat

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