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Post Subject: Let live the Beauty to eyes of beholderPosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/2/2008

 DHT4ME wrote:
In reading this thread I am compelled to ask the simple question about the rest of the room. In my experience moving furniture and room treatments also make a huge impact and must certainly inffluence the perfect lcation for any room as specifically treated.
As a first impression I see little mentioned about the details of DpoLS implementation just lots of superlatives.  I understand the goal and the methods but feel that somewhere the whole subject needs to be refined from an abstract theory to a set of observations from statistical experimentation.

Bob, you are right, some elements of the room as well as change of some elements of playback might throw an installation out of the DPoLS. Also, you noticed correctly that I do not go into high specifics and detail methodology regarding the DPoLS discovery. There are few reasons for it and one of the major reasons that all those aspects are very specific to a given installation. I prefer people understand a concept and were informed about what they do not know but I would abstain from direct instruction how to get there. Given the “freakishness”  of the DPoLS’s outcome and the fact that 99.9999999% of people who even read the article above have never experience the DPoLS effect and never knew (never will know) what the DPoLS is all about I do prefers that the people rediscover the DPoLS effect themselves.

It is not that I state that there are no short-key methodologies available to find the DPoLS. There are some algorithms and (believe me or not) there are even objective tools that indicate a proximity of an installation to DPoLS. However, I found that it would be very difficult, if even necessary, to explain HOW the “thin fields” of audio work to a general public, the public that is commonly immune to evolved aspects of audio reproduction. (Not to mention that I do not pretend having a FIRM knowledge in the “thin fields” of audio, I rather have an intuition, results and some patterns but not the knowledge).

So, you criticism of me spreading nothing more than “abstract theory” about the DPoLS is very correct but it is very intentional.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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