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Post Subject: More DPoLS...Posted by twogoodears on: 8/31/2008
 Romy the Cat wrote:

For instance the narrowing distance between the channels increase the width of that damn audiophile’s soundstage, whatever it worth. Generally the setting the speakers wider from each other make soundstage wider. Yes, with the certain topologies and with very certain infrequent applications moving the speakers closer might wider the soundstage. However, no mater how you make it wide (moving speakers closer to each other or further) it always has a reaction by diving the center image deeper INTO the soundstage, creating a virtual soundstage horseshoe.  The fan part that when the loudspeakers are closeting to the DPoLS then the narrowing speakers or toeing then out create a wider soundstage AND at the same time the center image movies FORWARD. The effect is larger the closer the loudspeakers to the DPoLS. (When loudspeakers ARE in the DPoLS then the entire concept of soundstage get wiped out)

I'm VERY interested in knowing how many of you began applying DPoLS is their music room and audio systems... it's objective that in my system, too, augmenting distance from rear and side walls and - most of all - the opening of speakers - the mid-low, mid-high and high, in my very case - and positioning them toed at 110°, ORTF-miking style, not only didn't create any hole in the middle nor this gave lesser details, but instead gave a deepness I never experienced before, let alone with a horn system.

Soundstage appears as an old way to describe the feeling of "music/musical room", indeed... also find the "horseshoe" soundstage much appropriate...

Any other using my very same dope-pusherSmile))?

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