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Post Subject: The questions about Macondo plans.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/29/2008

I have sometimes people asking me questions about Macondo and in very many instances I laugh when I hear them. I wrote up a page where I put all that people need to know about Macondo:

… but it looks like people do not read it. So, I keep getting emails asking about the Macondo’s plans. Well, I relay do not know what to say as I have neither plane not intentions to help the people that ask idiotic questions.

I know 8 people out there who are trying to build an acoustic system based upon many of Macondo premises, 3 of them in my view do it properly and the rest have no own brain to understand what Macondo in fact is all about. So, the plans, or any guidance about Macondo not only unavailable because of my attitude but they also unavailable because they do not exists outside of a realm of own understanding of self-actions. Macondo to be properly implemented required to be reinvented. A person shell accept the Macondo’s axioms not because I enumerated some of them at my site:

…but because people must have his/her own feelings that the Macondo’s axioms are valid postulates of sound reproduction. Only after then the “use” of Macondo’s principles is reasonable.  However,  then you will not have any questions about Macondo or need of Macondo as your own design of acoustic system will be a logical flow out of your own experience with sound. Do not be surprised if your own creation will be identical or very similar to Macondo – there are very little paths to make multi-ways horn-loaded acoustic systems to sound PROPERLY.

Rgs, Romy the caT

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