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Post Subject: The REL President on Steroids?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/19/2008

So, to recall everything g the 3 major modifications were done on REL tuner:

1) Change  of Detector diodes from 60 year old glass diodes to 1N5711– with huge advance to Sound

2) Change diodes that come to grids of the limiter stage to 1N5711. The effect not huge  but to sound positive – the LF harmonics got removed from noise and the noise become more uniformed

3) Increase the IM bandwidth from 250kHz to 400kHz - huge advance to Sound as well.

All of those advances in REL did not lead to better sound overall as in a few days the front-end on the REL when down (for own independent reasons). The funny part is that the REL is so good that it sucks signal from antenna… without the front end (the first tube is not there). This crates some noise that prevents to hear the tuner in the way how it might sound. It looks like I know what is the problem was and I can’t wait to get home and to fix it. I really would like to listen how the REL with all that injected adrenalin would sound.  It should not be worse and I do anticipate a very interesting push up sonically against the SU-X1 and Rohde & Schwarz

The Cat

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