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Post Subject: Tuna Fever (Full of Caps)Posted by Paul S on: 7/29/2008
Romy, this is quite interesting; supposedly, the Marantz 10B was a knock-off of this, if I recall the lore correctly.

Of course you will give this Grande Dame ('54 - '55 ?) a fair shot with some new parts, apropos?  Especially new caps?

I have outsourced some electronic work to a local tuner guy, Mike Zuccaro, who used to (and may still) own one of these that he used with outboard MPX/stereo, and according to him it works well.  I have not heard it enough to comment, but I admit I liked a couple of hot-rodded 10Bs I have heard.

Maybe even the output stage would be OK with new parts?

Best regards,
Paul S

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