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Post Subject: (VERY) Belated Lhevinne responsePosted by Paul S on: 7/19/2008

I'm afraid I post like I do lots of other things, meaning while I am doing lots of other things, as well.  Plainly, I dropped the ball on your Lhevinne reference, Romy, and I mean to address it now.

Maybe I'm wrong, but reading your post again, I take it as a little bit sarcastic with respect to Cliburn, the way he could sometimes be a bit "too much", like my "crossing hands" sarcasm from another post.  And, FWIW, I agree; but certainly not in the cited performances.

Just so you know, I love Josef Lhevinne!  Sure, it's "over the top"; but in his case, it works for me; if he is not THE original he is certainly AN original.

Best regards,
Paul S

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