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Post Subject: An Easy Imbedded Macro-Positioning method.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/12/2008

A guy read my site and sent me a series of emails complaining that it is too difficult to found Imbedded positioning for his new bass horn as it is too big and too balky. Moving the large and heavy thighs and measuring them is the hard. I agree, but there are ways…

Here I a very brief description of the method that make the thing easy.

1)      Find EQ frequency of your horn. Let pretend that you driver runs down to 150Hz and your horn is down to 110Hz – so the searched frequency would be 150Hz.

2)      Place at your listening stop a sealed loudspeaker and drive it with 150Hz sinusoid. Let call it Radiating Speaker

3)      Connect a good AV meter with ¼ db resolution and high sensitivity to your bass horn’s driver.

4)      Drive the Radiating Speaker. Measure the AV meter after the bass horn’s driver. In this case your horn/driver will act like a microphone.  Celibate the AV meter that the measurement would be in the middle of the AV meter’s range.

5)      Now, move the bass horn and observe where the measurement of the AV meter will be maximum.

6)      Run a sweep from 150Hz and plus minus 3 octaves, putting the AV meter’s data in a gaff

7)      Run a vibrating sweep from 150Hz and plus minus 3 octaves. this will get rid of the standing waves

8)      Moving the horn and reading the AV meter you need to found a max measurement of the AV meter across the WIDER bandwidth. You might have a pick somewhere - discard it.

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