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Post Subject: Macondo vs. the “industry sponsored speakers”Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/11/2008

 Last few years my interest in audio “out there” got subsided and nowadays I seldom exposed to new amps, speakers and other product that the industry offers. It only partially might be explained by the fact that I got worn out on the primitive standards of high-end industry loudspeakers realty. Another side of the medal is that the result that I am getting from Macondo is far beyond from what is out there, I am not just bragging - it is a sad truth.

I many times wrote that the entire industry has very wrong strategic vision about the duty, capacity and use of loudspeakers. The primitivism, ignorance and in many cases juts general personal stupidity of the many individuals why involved in design, manufacturing, promotions and sales of acoustic systems is a clear assurance that the situation will hardly be changed. 

Anyhow, yesterday I was exposed to Mecca of today’s loudspeaker, or at least how this price of sonic crap is being promoted by the industry drummers. I explicitly would not say the brand and model – it is irrelevant. However, what is not irrelevant is the fact that the given loudspeaker is the most “best” among those that present those collective objectives and intentions of the sonic surrogate that industry is try to promote.

It was a $25K loudspeaker that today audio awareness promotes as some kind “summit of audio accomplishment”. What however is the most horrible is the actual sound that the loudspeaker and the entire family of those loudspeakers, do.  So what those types of speakers do? I would not right long about it and will motion juts 4 points that truly shocked me

First, they are absolutely immuned to tone. Instead of notes those speakers push relative pitches – the actual play is hardly recognizable. I am with Macondo not so not accustom to this sound that my initial reaction was that the amplifiers of digital sources were just broken. Most of Macondo efforts were spent to profile geometry, weight and expressive value of tone, preserving as much as possible its esthetic value. With that “industry speakers” it is obvious that those people who made, promote and sell that crap not juts unable to deal with tone but they also have no understanding of tonal values in sound reproduction.

Second, those speakers have absolutely different sounds arcos whole spectra and gimmick range. With Macondo I am so accustomed that with sound go up or down, dynamically or tonally, I experience no event of sound reproduction efforts. Just volume or tone changes but nothing else. With that yesterday’s anti-Macondo speaker it was like each member of orchestra got randomly electrocuted and they just burst the sounds of own instruments fortuitously without any awareness. To demand from those speakers anything more than just the Boolean residues of note was absolutely imposable. The events when coopers instilments increase tone but decrease volume sound on those “industry speaker” like wolfs farts that end up with whistles

Third, none of the notes are connected. That was horrible. You know, a bad Bach player would play partitas where end of the partitas are not connected with the middle of the partitas. The bad “industry loudspeakers” are able to make two next to each other notes to be not related to each other. Instead of Sound that damned loudspeaker garbage presented just a mosaic of indivisible sounds. It is like instead of eating salad you chew individual ingredients…. Funny-funny but the industry whores are trying to preset the idiot who is responsible for this product as some kind of musically-endowed person…

And the last one. I have been telling about it for years but yesterday I was stunned now sever the problem is. Any “industry sponsored loudspeakers” must be high-passed above 150Hd or not to be played above 80dB. They just could not do it (Nope, it was not Kharma)

So, who is to blame? The manufacturer who made this crap? I would not think so. The guy is trying to make living as good as he can: everyone interested that high-end audio manufacturing and production is as much a way to pay bills, nothing more or less. The consumers who buy this crap? I would not be too hard on them as well. I told that 99% of all people practicing audio are juts recreational participants who have no vested interest in result and for whom is does not matter what to do: buy speakers, to polish Harleys or to watch another stupid sport on TV. The people that I hold personal responsible for that fact that the incredible horrible Sound is promoted as some kind of reference  would be all that marketing and reviewing dirt that in created the situation and keep propelling it from worse to the worst.

Well, it is not a surprise that after spending a few years with Macono I have developed vomiting reaction to the loudspeakers that made to comply with pre-developed industry philosophy of “what sound is convenient to sell to barbarians”…

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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