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Post Subject: The reviewers associated equipment and more LammsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/9/2008

I do now Art Dudley and I generally have difficult time to read about the reviewers "associated equipment". Surely it helps to understand what they use in order to project this views but those morons have dose dozens lines to enumerate the multiple brands and models of cable elevators, disks conditioners and rubber feet. Anyhow, the reviewers generally have no associated equipment but they have the residue of what they manage to extort from manufacture of the products that they reviewed. Pay attention – no one reviewer ever build own playback based upon own objectives, actual or conceptualized. In contrary, they sit like dogs during the drought, sticking nose to sly and waiting what god send them rain – or another UPS delivered accidental “messiah” that they obtain under duress.

I do not know what is the Art Dudley’s story. He might move on because he found something better. The ML2.1 is not really good amp and Art Dudley was wrong to use it.  It mish be any other reason why he got rid of it – but who cares why he did it? I feel that if person was damn enough to buy ML2.1 after the ML2.0 then any further observation of this person should not be considered. The same goes to the "Recommended" by Stereophile – those recommendations serve completely different and very much not serious purpose.

I would very much doubt that Lamm would discontinue producing ML2 in near future, unless he would replace it with some ML2.2. The ML2.0 was introduced in 90s for $30K and at 2000 it was 45kEuro. After 7 years of the Lamm’s boyfriend in White House the ML2.1 costs 20kEuro - so Lamm might wish to raise the price to $50K-$60K. Considering that ML2.1 has no good reputation among the people with ears Vladimir might introduce and new revision ML2.2 or perhaps a simplified and cheap to make version, something like ML2-Nano, for $15K-$20K. I realy do not know what happened in there nowadays – I left the Lamm’s camp in 2002.

I care less about Lamm amps noondays – I know that Vladimir will not be doing the amos in the way how I would like them to be. The ML3, since I learned today that it runs with the proper 1200V in plate and will be able to stay in A1, should be fine amp.  However, even if I have it I would not have any use from it. To drive the woofer towers with ML3? I am sure it might be much more interesting solutions for bass then ML3 if to make the amp LF dedicated only amp. There is one Lamm product that I am very optimistic and would like to hear it with a great enthusiasm. I ma talking about the Lamm L3 preamp. It should be very interesting… if it will be done with the “things”

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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