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Post Subject: Lamm ML2.1 "No longer available"?Posted by Paul S on: 4/9/2008
OK , so I looked at the April 2008 Stereophile.

I noticed a while back that Art Dudley stopped listing his ML2.1s as "assocoated equipment" along with his reviews, listing instead the Shindo Montele and Cortese stereo SETs, and then just the Cortese.
I asumed he just finally cashed out - like most reviewers generally do -  that he'd sold the ML2.1s, kept the money and gotten a Shindo either for an "extended review" or for a song; but then I saw the note on the ML2.1's demise at the end of the "Tube" part of the "Amp" part of the "Recommended Components" listings.

I always thought these listings were a big deal, worth paying for, to manufacturers, distributors, etc.

So did someone slip up, or is the ML2.1 really a goner?

It ain't "Recommended" by Stereophile anymore, that's for sure.

Paul S

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