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Post Subject: The Nationals AnthemsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/22/2008

I LOVE to listen the National Hymns of different countries. I always disregard words and try to get into pure musical value – some Hymns are just phenomenal music. I have to admit that a very top of the list of my favorite anthems is the Soviet Anthems of the former USSR. The words of cause in Soviet Anthems were idiotic, like in the most of other Anthems, but the music, and particularly if properly performed (not frequently happened) were ere very good. The Anthems usually are played as an accompaniment for singers but the Anthems should be played as an overtures – not a lot of conductors can do it. I heard only 2-3 good performances of the Soviet Hymn (in orchestral version)…

The Soviet Hymn was composed in 1944 by Alexander Alexandrov. It is not so clear if the Soviet Hymn was a pure Alexandrov’s composition or he took something from Robert Schumann’ Spring Song - the “Fruhlingsfahrt” .  Alexandrov died in a couple years and the truth is not known. I think it was pure Alexandrov’s composition as in 1944 Russians were engaged in war with Germans and I do not think that Alexandrov would intentionally borrow tunes from German classics.

If you want to get a full beauty of the former Soviet hymn you need to “get” it in piano version, preferably for double pianos, and you will see that it is a very nice short prelude. In piano version the shortcomings of this piece are very highlighted and he ways how it should be fixed are very obvious…  I do feel that Soviet Anthems, very slightly corrected in the end should be considered for it musical values.

The Cat

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