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Post Subject: Taking advantage of Multibits architecturePosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/13/2008

Dima is keep bothering me with this idea. It is not that he keep bothers – he implanted this notion into my mind and it keep bother me with the feeling that he might be very much right.

He feel that Lavry 924 is the only know to him properly implemented true Multibits DAC (and he knows them all) however he feel that there is much more “interesting” way to use this DAC. The DA924 is no oversampling Multibit at 88K and being Multibit is has no wide-bandwidth noise after the converter. The signal is fully shaped and juts care the residual sampling rate minus the sound frequency – means above 60K noise. So, Dima feel that in this case it makes sense for get rid the output stage and complicated and unnecessary output filter and feed mu load directly from the DAC deglitcher. In fact it is what he used on his Multibit for years and he feel that it is a way to go.

Dima admit that it is not universal solution as the UHF nose would be bad or even damaging for some electronics, particularly if is it uses feedback , however in my case what Melquiades has no feedback and the “grid bias” acts as a mild low pass filter he feels that it would be problem-free.

Probably if I try it I will put still a first order low pass filter after DAC somewhere around 18-10K (juts by hearing) and it will elevate the output impedance. I have 1 feet Dominus that I might use and I might position the DAC very close to load. What I am concerned if anyone who have playback capable for full-scale bass use such an approach. I am afraid that DA924 (that has a phenomenal lower bass now) might lose some of it driver and bass is the one that usually go first… So, it you use the Multibits-driver-through approach and have something to express on the subject then raise your voice…

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