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Post Subject: A machinist wanted.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/10/2008

Yes, Jessie, thanks for the idea.

I was looking over all of them and currently set my eyes on the Sherlin single single-axis 8" manual slide:

It should be Om and it is in black. I would need to attach a horn harness atop and the amps to the frame at the bottom. You will be very surprised how much effect the precision makes subjectively for MF/HF integration. Do not forget that 12.5K of crossover we have less then 3mm wavelength…. I do not feel that other channels would need such a precision and I would need juts one sliding table with micrometer attached.

What is also is very interesting to resolve is how to set the horns axis’ strictly parallel. Now I use my Cat’s laser pointers but it would be more accurate way to do it….. The horizontal parallel is easy to set by air bubble. The excursion can be done by a calibrated slide and sound analyzer. How about the parallel-ness of the axis?

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