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Post Subject: The very cool "different " time!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/6/2008

Believe me or not but since last spring when I undertook the single-amp conversion and went for the six-channel Super Melquiades my playback never sounded as I would like it to. It was better or worst but it was never how I meant. The last week the tide is turned now I am is very interring period.

The six-channel Melquiades is done, the new calibrated rubes are deployed into all 12 channels and the amp acts perfectly as it was expected. Macondo is bound to Milqs and behaves more or less OK. Now it is a very interesting time – to make the system to sound in a certain way. There is no technical impediments that I need to fight with - it is just Sound should be organized.

Ironically, to organize sound at this point is not necessary implies much listening but rather much thinking. I do listen what I am getting, and keep addressing small bugs but the most important I am fantasizing  and am trying to experiment about the NEW possibilities the  12 channels of Melquiades-Macondo over now. The experiences that I getting now are truly amassing and the journey is stunningly fascinating. With 10 channels + injection the entire concept of linearity, positioning, and any other aspects are viewed slightly different.

I think I will be in this state for another month or so and then will try to attack the DPoLS…

The Cat

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