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Post Subject: Taking it all togetherPosted by Paul S on: 3/2/2008
Just the symptoms caused by the bad electricity, tons of tubes and other parts in various stages of decline, pins/sockets/connections, along with analog and digital source issues is the stuff of madness.  I am so happy when everything works that I start to hyperventilate.  I can only imagine adding all the complexity and interactive issues of 5-way/DSET as you have done.  I recently tracked down a subtle pulse in my left channel to dirty tube pins (phono stage), and I had just cleaned those pins 3 weeks ago, I think.  I guess it might help to keep a log...

Anyway, one question I do not like to answer to myself is how much I get to listen via my system at its best.  I am glad to be finally figuring out how to listen to and enjoy all kinds of music with my system at sub-optimal performance.

In fact, I think a semi-conscious sub-strategy of mine for a while now has been to try to get the seemingly impossible combination of ease of use with optimal performance, with the former trumping the latter at times with respect to implementations.

Good luck with the rest of the gel thing-ees.

Best regards,
Paul S

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