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Post Subject: The absolutely “best” material for horns construction.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/23/2008

In reply to my post:

 Romy the Cat wrote:
The epoxy carbon-kevlar and glass fibers staffed with damping? I wonder how more fun would be if they staff these hollow horns with sand, I would…. I had once an idea to have a very soft sand horn using sand-filled air balloons as the horn walls….

 I got an email:

Dear Romy, why not simply use sand?? Have you been to a metal foundry? They make moulds of some resin impregnated sand. Just add a little extra resin, expoxy or something and it would be quite strong and have a surface...

I was thinking about it: what a phenomenal idea!!!

If you ask the folks who build sand sculptures:

… then they say that water hold sand together. If to substitute water with some kind of glue then it becomes a phenomenal opportunity for horn construction. It will be heavy, cheap, easily made by anyone, superbly damped, have necessary-rough surface. Just made the horn let the glue to solidify, cover the horn with some kind epoxy finish to protect the surface and the … fenita la comedia… The metal frames might be injected into the sand molds easily…

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