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Post Subject: I demonstrated patience too long!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/13/2005

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Well, Chris, my transformer is amorphous type but I would have difficulties to comment about the  progress of the burning. For the first couple weeks when “Melquíades” was born I have difficulties to “get” how to load the output stage properly and juts recently Dima educated me about this whole subject. Since the begging, when the amps did not operate in the way how I'd expected, they were running day and night ( I shut them down juts to tune something). So, I feel that they should be more or less burned-in. Also, the burning-in of that amorphous code should affect primary HF – the zone where I did not run them this time....

BTW, I do not know if it's due to the transformer, or if it's due to kinky driver stage, or if it is due to the PS but what this baby dose with HF is very-very fascinating. I never had seen any SET with no feedback do anything like this. When I run it with my generator and scope I got the upper –1dB at 88KHz but I do not really know (or care) what it would mean. The spectral analyzer shows more reasonable response (image below). Subjectively, the strength and confidence with which the amp is going up into the dynamic range and into the HF frequency range is absolutely remarkable... and this is the only what maters to me.


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