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Post Subject: All Active! A DSET and multi-way acoustic system.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 1/31/2008

After finishing my  left 6-chennal Melquiades and putting amps and Macondo back as it was intended to be I was expecting that it should be “better” but I did not expect HOW MUCH better it might be. Many aspects of sound are more interesting now, with much defined improvements just across the entire range. However, I would like to do not concentrate on the specific advances that Macondo-Melquiades have in their current state but rather I would like to pay attention to the phenomenal opportunities that a DSET idea offers in context of a multi-way acoustic system.

It is truly phenomenal as active channels open so many creative and expressive opportunities. The balance and the minute satellites of the individual channels might be dialed- in very accurately and without affecting anything else. It changes the entire thinking about acoustic systems and let to view it from a slightly different angle.

Let presume that a center of you attention is MF Channel and you would like to increase not output but “weight” of the MF range’s presentation.  The output volume of MF is the MF Channel’s upper knee and the weight of MF Channel is the MF Channel’s lower knee. So, you have multiple options.

1)  To load the amp that drives MF Channel very slightly harder remapping the output transformer and EQ volume.

2)   To change the amount of current in the tube that driver the MF Channel, effectively changing the plate impedance and consequentially the load damping.

3)   Increase the output of Fundamentals Channel – the next channel toward to LF after MF

Interesting the all 3 ways to deal with the task create slightly different results and mixing them it is possible to shape very-very exact sound you in your mind. Moving across the enter range it possible to control and to structure the transients and harmonic characteristics of an acoustic system with very high degree of correctness. Also it is possible very accurately match the transients/harmonic balance of loudspeakers with the patterns of given acoustic environment of the listening room and with own listening preferences and priorities.  In the end the right questions are popping up and fully active audio installation from the adolescent inquiry ”how does it sound” become to question the right questions: ”who are you” and “what and why you want”.

What is also is very interesting that a change of the Channels’ volume has no impact to the perceived frequency response of the entire acoustic system. It is hard to explain and it should be heard. The change output of ONE channel has a “special” felling. It is in a way remanding the feeling with which the properly working Lamm L1 preamp was able changed volume. Very interesting effect indeed …

Anyhow, the fully active system is a wonderful tool, though a lot of pain in ass to maintain Still, I feel anyone who went DSET and multi-way acoustic system would hardly ever look back… 

The caT

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