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Post Subject: Does this explain or relate to the "trombone" effects?Posted by Paul S on: 1/23/2008
VERY interesting observation, Romy.

I fought with but was unable to overcome both dynamic "tromboning" and also a closely-related sort of "shaping" effect, and now I wonder if this relates to the "proximity effect".

I did limited experiments with crossovers, horn profiles and materials, and also with adding and subtracting material from the inside of the horn.  I was not surprised that this affected the sound, but I was very surprised by how little it could take to affect the sound a lot.

From my reading here I have learned a lot more about tuning a horn, although not nearly enough for confidence to go all out with it yet, especially given the overall complexity and the cost.  The last thing I want is an expensive pile of horns that sound like horns, and this is all I've ever heard, to date.

Funny that you are the ONLY horn lover I am aware of who even acknowledges these things, let alone discusses them freely and intelligently.

I did not get my hopes up when Steve invited me to hear the Cogent system, so I was not really let down by it, either.  In fact, I was actually encouraged by what they got very right, indeed.  Still, I would love to connect with anyone in southern California who has overcome the horn problems, because this is obviously the only way to get the last word in overall dynamics.

Best regards,
Paul S

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