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Post Subject: More about the Bruckner Adagio’s cymbal crashPosted by Romy the Cat on: 1/2/2008

 dazzdax wrote:
This 1977 recording with RCO and Haitink is also a good one and included the cymbal crash.

 Chris, I actually know that Haitink with Concertgebouw recording, it was very memorable for me, do not ask why :-), anyhow I do not like it at all.

Talking about the cymbal crash in the Adagio’s.  I am surely for it but it should be done properly. I think it is all upon execution. It is in a way similar to the strokes of the drumstick on the timpani’s side in the Third movement of the Mahler’s “Resurrection”.  It might sound superbly agreeable and appropriate and might sound like a red-painted elephant who is trying to hide within a tomato plantation. If the orchestra in the 7th Adagio has well developed lower octaves, the tempo is well meet the reverberation of the performing hall and the interpretation/playing is properly pop up pressure before the “crash” (not just a rise of volume) then the cymbal crash sounds very in place…

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