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Post Subject: That crossover is perfectly understandable and very predictablePosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/21/2007

 Paul S wrote:
If Marko "needs" 3rd order, is somerthing else amiss?
It is not amiss but an area where the things should be explored. What I like about horns that they have very little ambiguity and if everything is done “properly” then there is very few way to do the things.

Marko high order low-pass filter on his basshorn is perfectly understandable and very predictable. To make it “right” it should go fist order but then the entire system should be rearranged.

1)    The MF crossover must move up. Come on! The 300Hz crossover in 250Hz horn – it is not serious.  If the MF crossover goes up then the filter on upperbass will be able to use 3rd order instead of 2rd order

2)    The notorious double drivers in upperbass horn. If it use one driver, and preferable with not 15” throat then the 2rd order might become a firs or the firs and a half order. The sampler throat = the longer horn. The longer horn = more LF EQ and more HF attenuation. The smaller throat = the larger front chamber in front of 515G. The larger front chamber = more HF attenuation. So it is perfectly possible to kill HF from 515G by natural means.

Sure, it would be very different speaker but I do not propose how Marko "should" change his speaker, I rather I advise how a conceptually better speaker might be made pointing out to the  various typical compromises and problems in different horns acoustic systems. So, I hope Marko would not take it personally and would not turn suicidal…. :-)

Rgs, Romy the caT

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