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Post Subject: The death the vacuum tube rectifier?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 12/13/2007

The switching UHF spikes that were SS rectifiers main “issuers” are gone.  Schottky Diodes with no forward or reserve recovery always did the best but they never were able to care a lot of voltage. The new denegation of Silicon Carbide Diodes are here and they looks like make any theoretical advantage of tube rectification not applicable. 600V, 1200V, 2000V – no problems for Silicon Carbide Diodes.

The only problem for Silicon Carbide Diodes is price – they are expensive.

The Digikey sells them for $11:

so the set of diodes for Super Milq would be $264. Sure, it is not end of the world by tangible.

OK, here is the deal. If you during this winter give food for homeless Cats in your neighborhood then you have moral rights to contact Pdasee. Pdasee lives in Wean, Austria and he will sell you the above mentioned diodes for 1 euro each. Pdasee might be contacted at

Rgs, Romy the caT

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