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Post Subject: Its elementary my Dear Watson...Posted by morricab on: 11/8/2007
"I see things differently. My view advocates that playback creates NEW Sound from scratch and the relation between the Sound of original event and the Sound of produced by playback have no inner-correlative point in audio and they mapped ONLY through listening consciousness."

Where is the support for such a position?  If the data encoded in a recording is 99% of the original event (just for supposition) then this so called relation is a very close one and supports the more conventional view I think.

"So, I ask this question again - if you agree that “live” musical event might have the “Absolute Tone” then why you deny that sonic event produced by playback might have the “Absolute Tone” as well?

Because I don't accept your basic premise of a new sound from scratch that's why.

I will agree with you at least that a playback system does have its own sound and that this sound should be relatively constant from recording to recording (I am not entirely convinced of this either as some distortions are dynamically related and thus would not show up on non-dynamic recordings.).  However; can you tell me where else we can reference this system??  Its sound is in one way absolute but who is to know when it is correct or not?  There is no reference but itself and this is an untenable position IMO.  At least with a real instrument in a real space you can say unmistakeably, AH that's live!  If you have made a high quality recording you can give a reasonable assessment as to how far from absolute your system may be.  The problem is, Romy, every time you make a change in your system, which seems to be about as frequently as the rest of us, you are creating a new "absolute" sound in your scheme because it can only be referenced to itself.  Do you see the problem with adopting this philosophy?? It also supports the relativist view that whatever you like is OK because then everyone has their own "absolute" sound, which is whatever their system happens to sound like at the moment.  Not good from what I have heard from most systems.

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