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Post Subject: It is not so simple, doctor Watson.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 11/8/2007
 morricab wrote:
"Let me to state it again and it is very imperative: audio does not produce the original sound it just reproduces it" 

This is so obvious that honestly it doesn't need to be restated and I in no way implied or said anything different. 

Actually I would propose to look deeper into the word “reproduce”. In context of the rest of my post above the word “reproduce” has VERY different meaning. Reproduction might mean “to produce a counterpart, image, or copy” but it also might mean “to produce again or anew”. The key in understanding the use of word “reproduction" (in context of this thread) is me, having completely distinctive view bout audio reproduction. The “obvious” view, perfectly accepted in audio, is that playback records the original Sound and then plays the recording, reproducing the original event.

I see things differently. My view advocates that playback creates NEW Sound from scratch and the relation between the Sound of original event and the Sound of produced by playback have no inner-correlative point in audio and they mapped ONLY through listening consciousness.

So, I ask this question again - if you agree that “live” musical event might have the “Absolute Tone” then why you deny that sonic event produced by playback might have the “Absolute Tone” as well?

Rgs, Romy the caT

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