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Post Subject: Agree to disagreePosted by morricab on: 11/2/2007
I like debating with you Romy but I simply don't agree with your position on this.  I am sure in practice we are not very far apart but in terms of thinking about the issue of reproduction and tone our way of thinking about it differs.

You keep using the word absolute with reference to RELATIVE things and concepts like "potential" of reproduced tone.   This is an inherent logical contradiction that I don't see you resolving through more explanation.

Playback is inherently mimicry.  Just like a Parrot that does an imperfect reproduction of "Poly want a cracker" the hifi recording and stereo chain is an imperfect (albeit better than the parrot) mimic of the original event. 

"There is a transition of Absolute Tone from live music to sound reproduction but it does not called Absolute Tone in audio. In audio it might be called juts “tone”."

This is what I was saying Romy.  There is an Absolute Tone and it is anything live or the original event.  I prefer to call tone in audio correct tone as in more or less correct.

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