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Post Subject: What?Posted by morricab on: 11/1/2007
"then I would suggest using a meaning of “tonal potential of playback”"

Fine, just don't call anything from playback Absolute.  The only absolute is live unamplified music, it must be so as it is the original event.

Sorry Romy you lost me there in your convoluted logic.  I have no idea what you mean by "maximum "human" tonal amplitude".  The closeness of a piece of music captured on tape or disc and its subsequent reproduction to the live original event is dependent on three things 1) The closeness of the recording to the real event, 2)  The ability of the playback system to preserve the signal derived from the storage medium and 3) The room interaction with the propagated sound waves.

"In playback the “absolute tone” is not the imitation of the musical instrument’s the “absolute tone” "

Of course it is!  I think you are wrong here and your attempt to define something really arbitrary like "maximum Human tonal amplitude" is making the problem overly complicated (Note: I did not say the solution wasn't complicated).  The closer the recrording, playback and room allow for a good imitation (ie. correctness to the absolute) the more like the real thing it becomes.  If the imitation is perfect then at least blindfolded (afterall with reproduction there are no performers present) you would never be able to tell the difference! 

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