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Post Subject: The Macondo axioms: ResponsePosted by Romy the Cat on: 10/10/2007

I would like to mention a few things about the general tendencies of Macondo response. The tendencies are so predictable and so redundant with different vintages of Macondo that I accept them as axioms. I might add that those axioms of my mind work only for me and only in my room but I doubt that I would be correct if I add it.

So, of you see the Macondo’s response that is posted at “My Playback” page (3 years ago)

then you will see a tendency of the response having the bottom of the spectra 1-2db elevation over the top of the spectra (do not look at anything above 10K). That is very common for me and observing many acoustic system solutions I generally have tendency to prefer this way. I am not taking about lifting up bass but about VERY gradual and very gentile response as it depicted here


I would not even mention that the evenness of response should be accomplished by natural means” – people who read my site for a while or have own ears attached to brain knows what I mean.

The steepness of general LF elevation over HF is determined by reverberation time in a given listening room: a larger room requires less LF elevation. I presume that slightly hotness at LF positively compensate our discomfort related to shorting reverberation time in our listening environments and the fact that recordings were made with too up-closed microphone.

Another subject is the HF region above 9K-10K. There are no rules in there that might be described in there using methods of frequency response. Currently available frequency response analyses deal with static response but at HF the transient response is subjectively dominating force. There are not know to me methods to evaluate it by measurements and even if they exist then they would not take under consideration the rules of subjective satisfaction by phase randomization.

So, Macondo Response, or the response as I feel it “should be” is rather a subject of consciousness then the subject of mathematic approximations.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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