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Post Subject: Had to read it twicePosted by Antonio J. on: 1/20/2005

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but I get the point. The remaining question is then, how can one tweak, modulate, control, or shape the response of the system or the speakers to really become more accurate to the original "meaningful music"? For my own experience I know what you said, the more the brain has to "convert" wrong data into meaningful data, the worse is the experience. Listening fatigue and lack of involvement with the music easily appear.
I suppose you must accomplish the physical rules of acoustics and sound, but for sure there must be features more important than others. I mean that probably "fighting" to get a completly flat-full-range frequency response in our room is less useful than getting a less distorted sound, but which are in your opinion other important features? Phase distortion control? Time alignment? ????



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