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Post Subject: Compressing historyPosted by hagtech on: 9/17/2007
...responsibility is SHARED, and lies as much with "the people" as with their CHOSEN leader...

Aw crap.  Does that mean I'm responsible for everything Bush does? are staffed with historic BS about the horrible uncle-Adolf...

History is, of course, re-written by the victors.  Bravo Romy for being able to think for yourself.  It is all too easy to just fall for accepted wisdom.  The relevant facts are usually the ones left out. 

As far as compressors go, they are not inherently evil and can be implemented with a gentle touch, providing a somewhat necessary limitation of peak signal amplitude, especially for digital recordings.  I think it becomes a matter of intensity.  Exactly how much is too much?  In my opinion, the usage should be inaudible.  That is, like an experienced vocalist who knows when to stand back a little from the microphone.


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