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Post Subject: That was the whole point of the analogy.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 9/16/2007

 jessie.dazzle wrote:
Might we agree that Mr. Hitler had an ego, and very much needed to do SOMETHING; needed to be somebody...

 jessie.dazzle wrote:
In my above post with regard to the responsibility of history's most "ugly chapter", I meant to convey that the responsibility is SHARED, and lies as much with "the people" as with their CHOSEN leader.

With regard to recording quality, we can (and most here I am sure do) try to avoid CHOOSING to buy recordings that have received the LOUD treatment.

Hitler with all his “historically accepted devilnessnes” was no more then just a poppet in much larger game of much more diabolic forces. The poor kids are staffed with historic BS about the horrible uncle-Adolf but no one educate the kids who made Nazism possible, who financed it, who profiteered on the Nazism’s climes, who co-participate in the Nazism’s climes, and who had cashed out of the entire Nazism’s ride. I would not even mention that the leaders of the Third Reich do not killed and do not fight in wars – the millions of others parentners did…. I wonder how much propaganda is necessary for me in order me to go to war to kill some abstract Chekoslavakians or Brazilians…

Anyhow, to hold a technical personal that records music responsible for the “Loudness Wars” is as superficial as to blame Adolf Hitler for Nazism and WWII.  Nazism was a natural reaction toward a number of historical events and conditions that were brewing for a long time, starting from over-humiliation of Germany over WWI and ending with Western capitalism's fight for a World domination and influence of dollar. The very similar to it the story with the DaveTheBass that Jessie mentioned -  David does not express his own preferences about the heavily compressed sound but just fluctuates with his small brains in the very narrow window of understanding that was assigned to him (similar to the Nazi leaders who did pretty much what was given to them). The DaveTheBass is in a way a hostage of the satiation. From one side he has the industry that finance and educate DaveTheBass what he shell do, shell like or shell feel in order to be plugged into the mechanism of industry’s sharing. From another side he has his customers who instead of showing to the DaveTheBass’ porch with a bazooka on the shoulder and asking “what are you doing?”  they keep abidingly buy the Dave’s produce, silently endorsing the David’s (industry) idiocy. How different is it from the Germans who allowed Nazis to become Nazi?

Defiantly the responsibility is shared but ….  I generally worry very little about collective awareness.

Rgs, The Cat

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