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Post Subject: The Uncompressing of Mr. Hitler's EgoPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 9/15/2007

Might we agree that Mr. Hitler had an ego, and very much needed to do SOMETHING; needed to be somebody... And might we also agree that "the people" needed or at least responded to what he (and his gang) offered them?

It was a nice tidy little symbiotic package, the combined force of which was strong enough to write a very ugly chapter.

So, Back to audio...

I found a really good article (via one of the responses to the YouTube Loudness Wars clip) : Starts of a little shaky, but picks up quick, and is worth reading. Here's the link :

Also, I found (also amongst the many YouTube responses to this clip) the following petition which we (you) may consider signing; though you are most likely not a Red Hot Chilly Peppers fan, it seems a simple way to get a point across... Here's the link :

Samuel, yes if its ok with Romy, you may copy and use my post.

Back to the horns (had a really slow week)!

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