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Post Subject: The story of a guy, who is overload by his willing to make a good punPosted by samuel33 on: 9/14/2007
 Romy the Cat wrote: recorded music is just the industry commodities. Therefore I absolutely do not share your enthusiasm about the “opportunity for a big record label”.

The Guy’s clip depicted a well know phenomena, there are a few more factors… still I do not feel that Sound Engineers are the guilty party. To hold the technical personal that record music responsible for the “Loudness Wars” is as superficial as to blame Adolf Hitler for Nazism and WWII.

I would also do not hold musicians responsible for the “Loudness Wars”. Music exists in 3 forms: notes, “live” performances and recorded media. Musicians handle the first two but the culture of recorded media is a totally different domain of human knowledge and musicians do not necessarily have skills to be dangers enough in that filed. It is like a car racer, he knows how to drive the vehicle very advancely but he might not necessary knows what techniques of hot-valves adjustment in order his car’ engine to push the necessary extra horse power. 

The Cat

Except the goodwin point, this is a very stupid assertion...

Ok there were an ambience of antisemitism -made by the christian (who killed jesus?) and by the fact that jewish have became powerful becuase christianity thought that money business was dirty- and other factors....but a "stimung" doesn't achieve to "Nazism and WWII" stupid idiot.
Who have written "mein Kampf"? who have decided the final solution? who had taken inspiration in the north myth? who against his own high graded collaborator have decided to choose this path...Etc Etc Etc the list is too long....

Please roomy take -and read- a history book, just once in your life.

I don't respond to your post because the subject of the shoah is *untouchable*, i respond because it was just false.
You know horns...just talk what you know about.

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