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Post Subject: At least it is how my mind worksPosted by Romy the Cat on: 9/12/2007

 jessie.dazzle wrote:
"...I would also do not hold musicians responsible..."

People who approach music from perspective of playing and people who approach music from a prospective of listening music via recording have (unfortunately) different views about what they do. I perfectly understand why many performers do not particularly care how their music will be recorded – a recording for them is after fact, the past, the accomplished thing that they acknowledge in their minds and that do not need to have a recording proof.

If I were able to play and spend a considerable amount of my individual affords to play a specific piece then the important to me would be the fact of me played is in a way how I feel it should be. It is an accomplishment itself that never would be taken out of my perception of myself and my awareness would be satisfied by the fact of me have done it. A recording however is not the subject of my musical, spiritual or professional objectives but rather the subject of my ego. Surely I would like to have “better” recording of me performing a given piece but in my subconscious I would know that I have done what I intended and the rest would be less relevant.

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