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Post Subject: Thirsty Horses, Water & Bio-RecordingsPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 9/11/2007

Romy's Quotes in blue :

"...recorded music is just the industry commodities... Therefore I absolutely do not share your enthusiasm about the “opportunity for a big record label”.

I'm not really expecting it to happen (I have some experience with this sort of thing : My "DAY JOB!" involves leading thirsty horses to water... Horses that very often just won't drink). It is something that would require a well coordinated and educational marketing effort on the part of the record label.

However, look at the "opportunity" in the following light :


Consider that many people now go out of their way (and pay more) for normal unmolested farm produce. Again, this is just normal farm produce... By doing absolutely nothing special, struggling farmers discovered a new market, providing consumers with a choice. Since the early '90s, sales of "Bio" or "organic" foods have steadily increased at a rate of 25% per year (this info courtesy the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Division).

No it is not quite the same thing; listening to compressed recordings will not cause kidney inflammation, and lesions to both liver and kidney tissue (see note at end), but it might result in headaches and irritability.

Being selectively naive (there are advantages), it is not such a stretch for me to imagine that a somewhat savvy record label might start promoting the advantages of "bio-recordings" as a means to win back market share. These would be nothing more than normal, full-dynamic-range (FDR) recordings of selected performances, sold along side the now standard LOUD versions (most ideal would be if both versions could be packaged onto the same physical support... eventually "downloadable" as well).

Can anyone put me in touch with the CEO of Virgin Records (is it Jason Flom?)...???

"...The Guy’s clip depicted a well know phenomena..."

I admit, I was aware of this phenomenon, but to see such total madness so clearly demonstrated is great.

"...I do not feel that Sound Engineers are the guilty party..."

Yes, I should have titled this thread "Attention Record Labels" (feel free to change it)...

Also, the technical person in the case of a recording studio is actually referred to as the recording engineer (not the sound engineer as I wrote).

Nevertheless, check out this quote from the fully-crystalized-moron/wanna-be live sound engineer... It seems he's just an amateur, and I hope he stays that way; still, I'm terrified!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you DaveTheBass!

"...Every (and I mean every) record you listen to is heavily compressed... A compressor makes the music punchier and more enjoyable. It works by making the loud bits not so loud so the quiet bit can be instead., er...... well, above a certain threshold ..."

Ok, now I'm really concerned... Please tell me this guy represents only a small minority!

Above, one of Dave's tools : The Alesis 3830 Portable Compressor 
Yesss.... Just the thing to make that live gig more enjoyable!

"...I would also do not hold musicians responsible..."


"...It is like a car racer, he knows how to drive the vehicle very advancely but he might not necessary knows what techniques of hot-valves adjustment in order his car’ engine to push the necessary extra horse power..."

Without disagreeing, I feel the artist (musician or race car pilot) should be able to distinguish good results from bad, and communicate those observations to the technician. I would not for example expect the race car pilot to directly dial in a bit more stiffness on the front anti-sway bar... I would however expect him to say to the technician something like "dude, the front end plows like a pregnant pig going into turn 1".

Development like this involves hours of team work and communication between pilot and designer/technician. Coincidentally, this critical phase is called the "Track Development Phase"; it can get extremely expensive... I imagine the same might be true for the recording industry.

All that said, I can also see how, and can directly sympathize with the artist who is rendered powerless to effect changes in the face of decisions that have nothing to do with art.


Btw, that genetically-manipulated corn has been shown to cause kidney inflammation, lesions to both liver and kidney tissue, and other nasty things, when given to laboratory test animals... You are far better off letting the insect have a bit of your corn!).

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