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Post Subject: Of the several things I do not understandPosted by Paul S on: 9/3/2007
Pretty clean, Romy (and one hellova tranny at Fundamentals)!

Of course, I have questions:

I thought you said Vishay metal foils in your earlier response about bias adjustment?

If so does that mean steps, or...  how, exactly?

When you specify "Full" or "1/2" at LF, MLF and injection speaker level do you mean another cap in series that is either a repeat or 1/2 of the cap value that is called, for the lower total capacitance?

Also, will these caps in series straddle the hot end of a resistor or variable resistance run across the poles in your "active"  arrangement?

I still aim to try it myself, on your recommendation, but I have to admit I do not understand how this works, and I ass-u-me that you still have to "increase" the value of each of the two caps in series to arrive at the desired working value, resistor notwithstanding?

Pushing my luck, are you trimming gain to the ribbon at line level with only simple resistance/shunt?

Does Alex's attenuator figure in to this?

Going for gold, where does EQ happen at injection channel?

Sorry, but it's not only too hot for listening, it's too hot to sleep!

Best regards,
Paul S

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