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Post Subject: The artist's touchPosted by Paul S on: 8/26/2007
Well, wouldn't you know that my wife is an artist, too.  Although she hasn't been very productive for the past couple of years, she is totally over-the-top manic when she does work, and we have the usual artist's home, with tons of art she did not sell along with tons we bought, and also stuff she traded for.  It literally takes a full moving van to move it.

I can tell you that the "painting trick" does work, but not as well as Homosote (SP? that fiberous crap, like rotten particle board), and, yes, it should be spaced loosely off the wall.  Of course, it works better with large paintings. But don't make the mistake of sharing your plan with the artist!

The key to any success (and peace) I could find would be keeping the "room treatment" part to myself.  Also, and a long way from least, my wife is didactic about where things go, and particularly so with respect to where the art goes.  She is so good at it that I generally let her take care of it, and she relents somewhat in my spaces (but not about the art!).

For all the fact that I tend to do one thing to the exclusion of other things, with the result that things tend get messy around me ("knee-deep- itis"), I do actually care how my listening space looks.  I don't like being looked at, either, but I don't always need it dark; in fact I am quite restless at times, especially while I am dialing something in, which has been pretty much constant, what with all the new gear and new digs twice in one year.  And now I'm dragging in digital...

Most of my books are in my office, but this time I will be keeping most of my recordings in Expedit shelves in the listening room.  Here, too, wife is at work; she wants to interstice art with the records, meaning I have to add shelves, meaning I haven't gotten to put my records up yet, meaning I have to dig through boxes to find  what I want to listen to.  I can't find Cosi Fan Tutte, just the "highlights", etc., blah, blah.

Lots of little Maltese DOGS in my house (but no Republicans)...

At any rate, I am very encouraged by yesterday's experiments.

Thanks for the reminder about tapestries/hangings!

I am also thinking, "drapes"...

What woman doesn't like "drapes"?

...drapes, and sails...

Best regards,
Paul S

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