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Post Subject: A "Beautiful-Sounding" RoomPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 8/26/2007
Paul S wrote :

" wife would shoot me if she knew I was thinking of using the art as room treatment..."

My "wife" (we are not actually married) is an artist... A while ago I had the idea to stuff the chassis of her paintings from the rear side using thick damping felt (the kind of thing they used to use under the hoods of cars) which matches the depth of the wooden chassis about perfectly... I have not yet done it, but this is in the plan.

Has anyone ever tried this?

I would guess that the surface of the treated canvas would not allow the felt to work as effectively as if it were left a bare felt panel.

Also, I'm thinking it may help to space the paintings out about an inch from the wall.

In any case, due to the flat nature of the felt, I expect that it will likely only have an effect on HF and upper MF.

There are also woven tapestries and carpets that are intended to be hung on the wall. Since these are more acoustically transparent than a treated artists canvas, loading damping material behind them should yield a better result than would be the case with a painting (though one may not need that much damping, and the tapestry or carpet alone may be enough).

In your case Paul, you might also consider/be permitted to use bookshelves.

I personally don't care how the room looks, as long as it does not make me feel too observable/vulnerable (I dislike being observed when listening to music). And being able to control the light seems essential.

Also, don't forget; cats absorb sound!


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