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Post Subject: K-Horns, the “secret” and the evolution.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/23/2007

 Jordi wrote:
The secret is the K-Horns with ALL the mods!!! If you heard it you wouild know what I'm talking about! .

The K-Horns were Klipsch’s attempt to do something more or less reasonably sounding.  They were doing K-Horns for tens and tens years I believe starting in mid of 40’s with this design. In end of 40s Vitavox made the K-Horn replica with their CN191 system, using better drivers and getting rid of tweeter.

The K-Horns were a strange fruit. I never had them, heard a few time though. The Klipsch always had problem with drivers. In the K-Horns the phenolic tweeters were made for Klipsch by Electro-Voice and I believe they sourced the MF drivers from somewhere ealse. I think the MF driver were phenolic as well. I know nothing about their bass units. The phenolic MF and tweeters shell be quite soft with quite transient challenge – it would be nice to drive them with a “brutal” electronics, preferably with very lightly loading anodes…. Unfortunately the only K-Horns that I heard were driven by garbage electronics…

The K-Horns are very much not comply with my view of “proper horns” or “interesting horns” but I presume that it a K-Horns installation is made sensibly and if the rooms accidentally comply with the motives of the corner-loading then a K-Horns  setup might be OK.

I certainly do not know the “secret” in the K-Horns and nothing about their modes, nor did I hear the moded K-Horns. If you wish you might tell about your modifications. What I would be interested to know is not what exactly you did with your K-Horns but rather what dissatisfied you initially in the default K-Horns Sound and HOW you get from there to the Sound that made you more comfortable. In particularly I would be interested to learn how you correlated your subjective dissatisfactions with the actual modifications that you inflicted on that speaker.

BTW, Jordi what kind music you play on those K-Horns?

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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