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Post Subject: 6C33C push-pull and QuadsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 8/22/2007

I never knew that Quicksilver does 6C33C, they never did when I was still monitoring what companies do. Their Triode Amp was, if I remember correctly, a base PP unit with a pair triode strapped 6L6/KT-88 tubes, where people were trying to put-in many alternative tubes. Perhaps they made a 6C33C version, why not?

I have one of my old Lamm ML2 amps sold to a guy who used them with Quads; I think he had a number of Quads vintages. Being a horrible/stupid sales person as I am, I for a long time asking him do not buy my ML2 to drive his Quads. He kept insisting and eventfully got them from me. After I shipped them I was considering change my email, phone number or to immigrate to Paraguay. Eventually he was sending me emails thanking me for the buy and reporting good sound… Go figure…

I never heard Quads that I appreciate. I always thought that Quads are a special club of people who got hooked on Quad’s idiosyncratic front-wave transformation…. Jordi, are you anywhere near US’ East cost?

Rgs, Romy the caT

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