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Post Subject: The not-so-big listening roomPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 8/12/2007

 Paul S wrote:
The new room is smaller than the old one; in fact it's the smallest room I've used with the DEBZs, and I wondered if this might help the ML2s, if not overall sound quality.  I measure the new room at 20' 6" X 17' 2" X 8' = 2,829 cu ft.


Here are some thoughts regarding your new smaller room (and small rooms in general)...

The very best results I ever obtained from my previous (non-horn) system was in a radically small room... It measured about 14x12x8.5, with old-school lath and plaster walls. Dealing with the reflections and concentrations of Bass did require a LOT of effort.

There are not only sonic, but psychological advantages to small spaces.

I find myself less able to get into the music when the room is too large or too visually bright (though it is what I currently have, I dislike "airy" listening rooms). The same holds true when trying to solve a problem... I once used the back of a delivery van as a mobile think tank. The value and power of small spaces should not be overlooked.

Best of luck with the setting up.


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